Dionne Adessa, Begin her media career in 2009 with the self produced TV Show ‘Le Styliste’ and online series ‘Memoirs of a style-a-holic embarked Dionne on a sure path of passion and success.  Achieving a top finalist position on the ABC Network’s, MyTV 9 channel publicly established her as trailblazing media personality.


Dionne then acquired a position at Energy Radio in Hartford, CT.  It was Energy Radio where Dionne established her gift of delivering groundbreaking, emotion evoking and eye opening celebrity interviews.


“She reminds me of myself when I first started in radio full of energy and passion.  This girl is definitely going places” – Nikki Z


Dionne has co-produced various tv and radio shows from ‘The Chat it Up Show’ on Access TV.org to ‘The Connect to Jam Show’ on NiceUpRadio.com


Her altruistic drive attracts followers and the industry to her magnetizing, charismatic style of delivery.  Today she produces the robust radio show named ‘Connect to Jam’ on Busy Radio 103.3 FM in Hartford, CT, Nice Up Radio out of Portland, Oregon, URL Radio out of London UK, Ufdvradio.com & Ufdv Radio 87.9 FM out of Kingston, JA.  Dionne Adessa and is an obvious force to be reckoned with:


” Her live wire radio personality…her passion for the music…her slick broadcasts….measure her from her eyebrows upward to get a true sense of her global impact” – Roger Meltzer, Capsicum Records CEO


Her commitment towards living a life of passion has also brought her to: write ‘LOL-Lessons of Life’, become a public speaking coach, earn a degree in Psychology, earn certificates in youth development and advocacy & life coaching.  Dionne Adessa also received an official citation of recognition from the city of Hartford, CT.

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