Sir George Foundation UK, south London, where the love of Reggae music started since the early age of 12 years old, I come from a musical family where My Father listened Nat king Cole and my mother love to listen Jim Reeves and Johnny Mathis.

My Dad use to have a small record player where you can stack 10 records mainly 45 rpm on top and dropped down after each individual record finished, I was always fascinated by that.
My parents use to have a great selections of LP’S and 45’s ( 7 INCH ) mostly soul and English pop music, ska and blue beat ( BUE BEAT RECORD LABEL ).
Growing up in south London in the 70’s  where a lot of now biggest DJ’s came from  like BUPPY C  on Vibes FM London, My friend also known as Collin and listening to the great DAVID RODIGAN on radio London. I started buying and collecting records in my early teens my first purchased was Cynthia Richards song called FOOLISH FOOL on a CLANCY ECCLES label and I kept that record ever since and OWEN GRAY song called GIRL WHAT YOU DOING TO ME on CAMEL LABEL,  working in a supermarket part time after school to get money to buy records and to
take bus to go to DUB VENDOR in Clapham junction  ( record shop in south London ) and MUZIX CITY in Balham also in south London where all the ska and Rock steady music was kicking coming straight from JAMAICA.
Early Teens years ,going to house parties sometimes where BUPPY C use to play or going to clubs to listen to great London sounds like Sir Coxsone , Danny King, King Tubby, Jah shaka , sufferer, And also was surrounded by great UK Reggae bands like Steel Pulse, Aswad, Royal Rasses  Matumbi.
Sir George first DJ job was playing at a friend House party in London where those days was strictly Vinyls, I was 20 years old and that party went on until the milkman was delivering milk at the early hours of the morning.
From UK to USA,from NYC to South Florida I came to USA late 80’s, did plenty of house parties, and a few local clubs, now on UFDVRADIO.COM where now i can share all my music to the world.
Thanks to Leonie Barnes for introducing me and big respect to DJ Pepper for the support and UFDV RADIO.
My main purpose is to expose the world to REGGAE artist from UK and JA and also Florida
where some great talents are coming from, As always on my show it’s 50% soul and 50% reggae..
I want to give thanks to my parents my brothers and sisters and the rest my families for their support also listeners artists and DJ’s for the support.
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